The reluctant voice of a generation

Title: Heavier Than Heaven: The definitive biography of Kurt Cobain
Year: 2002
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9780340739396

It’s hard to think of Kurt Cobain as something other than the wild child, boy genius and voice of Nirvana. As someone that grew up in the 90’s I remember from my own childhood seeing Smells Like Teen Spirit on MTV and getting the feeling that they were larger than life because at 6 years old it was impossible to understand their magic or the power that it had over the teens that were screaming that Cobain was their idol. It then took me another 17 years before I got into Nirvana and before I could get past the wailing and automatically recognizable alternation of quiet versus screaming from the top of your lungs sort of singing that was their staple. Because you can’t get into Nirvana if you’re not one of their own – outcast, misfit, misunderstood.

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