Globalization, nation-state, globalism(s) – which one do we choose?

Title: Globalization. A very short introduction
Year: 2017
Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-0-19-877955-1
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I have first discovered Manfred B. Steger as a researcher on the „global imaginary” when analyzing cultural and media flows around the world, a couple of years ago. Ever since, I wanted to read more of his work on globalization and what this imaginary entails: considering oneself the citizen of the world, identifying more with certain universal values than with a national identity, buying into consumerism and mass culture etc. So, some time ago, the moment came. I could now read all about it, in a concise manner: Globalization. A very short introduction. Short, but intense, with all the right nuances, as it is very difficult to pinpoint what globalization is and isn’t, where it all began and so on. [Citeste tot Articolul]

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